Caring for your tattoo

Your tattoo should be treated as a wound initially and it is important that this advice is followed

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A little bit of bleeding, weeping, swelling, and bruising is normal within the first 48 hours of getting tattooed. If the swelling bothers you, try to keep the area raised when possible. Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory as well as a pain killer that will help. Please only take this if you do not have an allergy!!

The tattoo will scab, look shiny and patchy while your tattoo heals. It goes through several stages of healing which can look quite worrying, especially if you've never been tattooed before. Try not to worry, 99% of the time the tattoo heals fine, If it doesn't, we offer a free touch-up service provided our after-care instructions have been followed exactly.

Black and grey tattoos will look quite dark and have a brown tint to them to begin with. This is just where your skin is sore underneath. When healed, the tattoo will lighten up and gain a more silver tone to it.

During the first few nights after getting tattooed, we recommend you sleep in an old, clean item of clothing. When the tattoo is healing there is a risk of getting 'stuck' to any surrounding material. If you wake up stuck to an item of clothing, get in a shower with the clothing still on and the water will help separate it from the skin.

We recommend staying away from dirty/dusty environments while your tattoo is healing. If this is not a possibility (for work etc), we recommend keeping it covered with loose clothing, and getting a thin pair of tights, cutting them either end at a size that will cover your tattoo, and wearing that while you are in the environment. Wear it ONLY while you are working, and immediately when your finish, take them off and clean your tattoo. DO NOT use the same section of tights twice- if you need to do it again use a clean piece.

Any tattoo below the knee has a tendency to take a little longer to heal than tattoos anywhere else on the body.

TOUCH UPS- On the rare occasions in which a touch up is necessary, we offer a free touch-up session providing you have looked after the tattoo according to our exact instructions, and you come to see us within 3 months of being tattooed.

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